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  1. Fusion 360 and OSX 10.11 Hi Guys. I started Fusion 360 up yesterday, the first time in quite a while. Across the top of the main window there was a message that said something about OSX 10.12 will be required after January 2019.
  2. Autodesk Fusion 360 Using eGPU by Justin Silver Published February 2, 2021 Updated February 2, 2021 Open a Finder window showing the latest version of Fusion 360 in the webdeploy folder.

Fusion 360 install continues to not work properly on Mac even running the latest Mojave install/upgrade. Wasted hours of day trying to use their official cl.

If you are running Autodesk Fusion 360 on some sort of Apple MacBook, by default it won’t automatically use an external GPU. The following steps will configure Fusion 360 to use the extra graphics power of your external GPU (NOTE: these steps need to be repeated with each Fusion software update).

Ctrl-Click the icon on the dock and select ‘Options’ then ‘Show in Finder’.

Ctrl-Click the icon in finder and select ‘Show Original’.

Ctrl-Click the icon and select ‘Get Info’

Check the box ‘Prefer External GPU’.

Fusion 360 Osx

Start Autodesk Fusion 360.

Fusion 360 Videos

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