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File in WPS's xls format, the other office software (MS, Libre.) cannot open it. I feel cheated buying this office. My attempt to get technical assistant by contacting them was fruitless. Do not buy this product especially if you do lots of data mathematical processing. Kingsoft Office Software WPS Office 10 Business Edition. Is 'NOT' worth it. What is WPS Office? WPS Office is a free, small and fast office suite, that provides you three powerful applications known as Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation. It is highly compatible with MS Office while presents a similar interface to the latter. Compare office suite, the difference of WPS Office free, WPS Office Premium and Professional, compare free office and paid office. We will not collect payment information.The data will be transmitted to third-party payment platform.

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    WPS Office Pro LATEST

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    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

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    Kingsoft Software / WPS Office Pro

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    WPS Office Pro 2021 full offline installer setup for PC 32bit/64bit

WPS Office Pro (Business edition) is a full-featured office suite for Windows PC with small size and excellent compatibility. In addition to innovative features such as a built-in PDF creator, PDF reader, the latest version also adds various new features, allowing you to switch between the white and classical interfaces, adjust your paragraph formatting and table dimensions with drag and drop, save files as more formats (such as .docx, .docm, .xlsx and .xlsm, .pptx and .ppt) and insert a movie or background sound into a PPT slide. With WPS Office Pro, you are able to fulfill data analyzing tasks in business, as well as turn your innovative ideas into illustrative documents or presentations.
WPS Office Pro supports multiple languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Polish. During the installation, WPS Office will automatically select the language interface based on your system language settings.
Features and Highlights
Highly Compatible with Microsoft Office Formats
Open, view and edit Word 97-2003, Word 2007-2010 .doc, .docx, .wps and .wpt formats; create, edit and save Word 97/2000/2003 .doc,Word 2007/2010 .docx, .dotx, .docm, .dotm, .wps and .wpt formats. Open and view Excel 97-2003, Excel 2007-2010 .xls, .xlsx, .et and .ett formats; create, edit and save (97/2003/2007/2013).xlsx, .xlsm, .xls, .et and .ett formats. Open and view PowerPoint 97-2003, PowerPoint 2007-2010 .ppt, .pptx, .dps and .dpt formats; create, edit and save (97/2000/2003) .ppt, .PPTX.dps and .dpt formats.
Convert Office Documents into PDF Formats
Use the built-in PDF converter to easily convert office documents, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, into PDF format. Save files including Writer, Spreadsheets, Presentation as PDF format. Convert WPS Writer files(DOC, DOCX), Spreadsheets files(XLS, XLSX), Presentation files(PPT, PPTX) into PDF files.
Multiple Tabs - Manage Office Files More Conveniently
Avoid the hassles caused by switching between multiple document windows. Increase work productivity and avoid having too many windows in the taskbar; use the multiple tabs function to quickly find the correct document or sheet. Allows you to open more than one document within a single interface, preventing you from having to open multiple windows for multiple pages
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Automatic Spell Check When Edit Office Document
In WPS Office, a spell check feature that can help you to proofread your office document has been added. It can automatically check your spelling while you work on the office word document. If the word is spelled incorrectly, a red underline will appear beneath the word. A selection of recommended corrections will be offered.
Set Encryption to Protect Your Office Files
An encryption function is offered as part of the WPS Office Professional that allows an option to better protect your files. Encrypted documents cannot be opened or modified by anyone else. Enter a read-only password that allows browsing and restricts any modifications. Enter the read-write password to allow both the reading and editing of the document.
Small Installation Package -Runs Faster
As a powerful office software suite, the size of the installation package of the WPS Office is only 58.6MB, much smaller than most other office suites. By taking up less space on the computer, it allows your computer to operate faster and more efficiently. The software installs within one minute.
Freely Switch between the 2013 and the Traditional Interfaces
Adopt a brand new interface style providing you with greater space despite a wider variety of functions. It is also possible to retain the traditional interface if you prefer. You can switch quickly and easily between the two interface styles.
Note: 30 days trial version for the Pro (Business Edition); reverts to the Personal free edition afterward, with limited features.

WPS Office is an essential office suite for Windows PCs, it has all tools that make editing documents much easier.

Wps Office Business

Compatibility is key when you’re choosing an office suite. The business world may have settled on Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint as its software of choice, but that doesn’t mean you have to fork out for Microsoft’s suite.

WPS Office can read and write Microsoft formats, plus it’s a decent word and data processor that lets you get work done.

This productivity suite is the perfect lightweight alternative to Microsoft Office. The free version replaces Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and in addition to preserving the Office ribbon has some
neat tricks of its own, such as multiple document tabs, enabling you to easily switch between two or more

The software has a clean & modern interface, during the installation of the app, it will offer four different interface styles (2016 white, 2013 Elegant Black, 2013 Water blue & Classic style) and the software is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Vista and XP.

WPS Office (before Kingsoft Office) is fully compatible with and comparable to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

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This 100 percent compatibility means that you can create, view, and edit nearly any document type in a compatible file format when using WPS Office with MS Office and Google Docs. That includes everything from doc, docx, dot, dotx to ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx, xls, xlsx, txt, rtf, pdf, html, and many more.

WPS Office offers an impressive list of tools and features that many users find even better than MS. You can take advantage of WPS Office’s free mobile office whether you’re an iOS or Android user, and you’ll have access to the solution’s trio of robust apps—Writer, Spreadsheets, and Presentation—to help you create documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows.

Additionally, you’ll enjoy features including:

  • WPS Cloud that provides 1 gigabyte of free space to be used on a PC, mobile, or tablet and one-click document sharing by links
  • PDF tools that allow you to convert PDFs to Word with WPS Office
  • Drag and drop tool via WPS Office’s innovative Paragraph Layout feature, which allows you to adjust paragraphs simply by moving your mouse
  • Free templates to help you save time crafting presentations, documents, and spreadsheets
  • Section navigation to simplify jumping between and editing sections, from cover pages and content pages to headers and footers
  • Multiple document tabs so that you can avoid the hassle factor of toggling between multiple document windows

WPS Office has 3 applications: WPS Writer, WPS Spreadsheets, and WPS Presentation.You can install WPS Office or one of 3 applications to enjoy your professional work.The application is fully compatible with Microsoft Office, this high compatibility allows you to share files with Microsoft Office conveniently.

WPS Office includes word processor, spreadsheet and presentation programs.There are four interface styles – three with the ribbon and one with the classic toolbars-based interface-a choice you don’t get in Microsoft office.

To switch the interface style, click the Switch UI (clothes) button at the top right corner.The program has tabbed interface so it’s easier to switch between documents than in Office and LibreOffice.

You can open Office documents in WPS, including the new format introduced with Office 2007 but can only save to Office 97- 2003 formats. Templates and samples are included to show what you can make.

More templates can be downloaded free from the WPS website. WPS’s spreadsheet program has lots of charts and functions, but the conditional formatting tool only applies three rules to cells. The presentation program has more than 50 slide transitions and supports dual monitors.

WPS Office Key Features

  • A complete office suite including Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheets.
  • Fully compatible with Microsoft Office and Google Docs/Apps.
  • Loaded with extras including over 200 fonts and 100’s of free templates.
  • Collaboration tools including track changes, comments and spell check.
  • 100s of formulas and advanced spreadsheet tools.
  • Supports document encryption and read/write permissions.
  • Great customer supporting including email, online tools, and in-app support.
  • Officially supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Polish, German and Russian.

WPS Office Free has a small footprint too, consuming noticeably less memory than Microsoft Office, and there’s even a PDF to Word tool that can convert documents of up to five pages.

WPS Office 2016 Business Edition Free for One year :

The business edition of this office suite costs $44 .99 annually, simply follow below steps to grab the product for free.

Just download the installer of WPS Business Edition from here: setup_XA_en_10.2.0.5965_Free_700.103.exe, run the installer and finish the installation process.

For the first time launch any document or simply run the WPS writer app, then click the drop-down tab beside ‘WPremium’, next hover the mouse on “? Help” button, then select “Enter Activation Code” and enter below one year License code.

Wps Office Free

Next, close the WPS Writer application and relaunch the app to enjoy free 1 year subscription.

Wps Office Business Edition

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